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Ahmed Amash Abdullah Al-Hayani
Muayyad Muhammad Hammoud Al-Jumaili


This study is dealt the attitude of Sudan towards the Palestinian issue since the beginning of Arab –Zionist conflict 1948-1966.  The study aimed to identify the basic information of Sudan people attitude and contribution in the conflict between Arab states and the Zionist entity as well as studying the causes of obstacles and failure of lack of qualifications and abilities for a country like Sudan that it did not have the authority to make a political decision, because Sudan did not have dependence until 1956. The research followed the method of the historical research in present and analyses the information that were collected from documents, books, and Arabic journals as well as records of League of Arab States until 1966. The study ends with Sudan independence 1956 and forming the first independent Sudanese government made up of several political parties led by Mr. Esmail AL-Azihary who had a moderate policy on international and regional stander, as well as Sudan support and defense of the Arabic legal issues which is the Palestinian issue is one of them on political and military level it one of Arabic nationality and African position.


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Al-Hayani, A. A. A., & Al-Jumaili, M. M. H. (2022). Sudan’s Attitude towards the Palestinian Issue 1948-1966. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 29(8, 2), 296–312.


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