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Manuscript Submission

An original copy of the manuscript is submitted online with a covering letter.


Legal Requirements


  • Submitting genuine research characterized by originality and scientific methodology.
  • Submitting a written consent that the submitted manuscript has not been published or submitted simultaneously elsewhere to be considered for publication.
  • Holding responsibility for the contents of the submitted manuscript, which must not contain any insufficient and inaccurate data or results that affect the national and social texture.
  • Authors must confirm that their submitted manuscript is their own work, and is not copied in part or in whole from any other works.
  • Authors must conform to the guidelines of citation, documentation of all sources and references, and ethics of scientific research publication.
  • Specifying whether the manuscript is extracted from an M.A. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation, in the title page with complete documentation on one copy of the manuscript, where the name of affiliation of the authors are typed.
  • If an author decides to withdraw his manuscript, he has to pay to the university all expenses incurred in processing his manuscript.
  • Authors will receive one copy of the issue in which their work appears.

Manuscript Preparation

General Guidelines

Authors need to use JTUH Manuscript Template  to format their manuscripts.

  • Manuscripts should be submitted in the form of Microsoft Word Document
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced, typed in a 14-point font with 2.5 cm margins.
  • The font should be simplified Arabic for Arabic manuscript and Times New Roman for the English one.
  • Manuscript pages should be numbered.
  • Contributors should follow A Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA style) in documenting their manuscripts.
  • Manuscripts should include a 250-word abstract concentrating on its main ideas (together with an abstract in Arabic) and about 5 keywords, organized alphabetically, that would lead on-line research to the article.
  • Manuscript must conform to the following sequence:

o   Introduction: Should include both the theoretical framework and a review of related literature.

o   Statement of the problem; questions or hypotheses.

o   Significance of the study.

o   Limits of the study.

o   Definitions of concepts.

o    Methodology (including study population, samples, instruments, procedures, etc.,)

o    Discussion

o   Conclusions and recommendations.

o   References.

  • Manuscripts NOT in line with the JTUH’s guidelines will be ignored without any notice.


Peer Review Process

The submitted manuscript will be subject to certain obligatory procedures, namely a double blind critical review by competent referees selected by the editor-in- chief confidentially, taking into consideration major and specific major and the scientific rank of two reviewers to whom the research is sent. In the case of rejecting the research by one the reviewers, the manuscript will be sent to a third one for the sake of more accuracy in judging the manuscript. 

Publication Fees

Authors are required to pay publication fees as part of the process of submitting their research papers. Publishing fees are eighty-five thousand Iraqi dinars (85.000) or $60. The submitted manuscript should not exceed the average of (25) pages.