Published: 2022-10-12

Derivation from the nouns of sensible events in the tongue of the Arabs

Saad Ali Rashid, Muhammad Yas Khedr, Khawla Mahmoud Faisal


The policy of appointing and isolating governors in the Arab Islamic Maghreb during the Umayyad dynasty

Khaled Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Dulaimi, Adnan Mahmood Abdullgany Al-Shawy


Unpublished Pottery Plates in the Iraqi Museum from the Ancient Babylonian Period

Rasha Abdel Wahab Mahmoud Al- Juma'a, Ali Ghanem Hussein Daoud Al-Hayali


Digital Teaching of Medieval European History in Iraq

Mahmoud A. M. Al- Qaysi, Mawaheb Adnan Ahmed