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Nadia Abdel-Khalek Awad
May Abdel-Khaleq Awad
KhaledTareed Kurdish


The study sought to uncover students' perspectives on secondary schools and the factors that drive their decision to enroll in private schools for the upcoming academic year in the center of Salah al-Din Governorate. The researchers selected a descriptive approach and developed a questionnaire with 30 items divided into four areas that encompassed the key aspects of the educational process. The distribution was carried out among a study sample of (180) secondary school students, both male and female, attending private schools in the center of SalahAl-Din Governorate.


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Awad, N. A.-K., Awad, M. A.-K., & Kurdish, K. (2024). Secondary School Students’ Orientation towards Private Schools in the Center of Salah al-Din Governorate and its Relationship to Some Variables: A Field Study. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 31(6), 336–360.


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