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Intisar Modheher Khiro


The current research aims to investigate the impact of implementing self-scheduling on the development of critical thinking skills among undergraduate chemistry students. Several hypotheses have been formulated: There is no notable difference at the 0.05 significance level in the average grades of the female students in the experimental group that was studied. Based on the self-scheduling strategy developed and the average grades of the female students in the control group . In the typical approach used in the clever thinking test, a sample of (62) female students from the fourth scientific grade was selected. The experimental group consisted of (30) female students, while the control group had (32) female students. In regards to the research tool, the researcher designed a test with 24 items. Various statistical methods were employed, including chi-square, Pearson correlation coefficient, paragraph difficulty equation, period discrimination equation, and a second test. The two samples are separate and distinct from each other. Based on the data collected, the findings indicate the following: The experimental group, which followed the developed self-scheduling strategy, demonstrated superior performance compared to the control group, which followed the traditional approach.


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Khiro, I. M. (2024). The Effect of Developed Self- scheduling in Developing Factual Thinking Among Four Year Scientific Students in Chemistry. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 31(6), 312–335.


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