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Amir Iyad Khalil
Abdul Razzaq Jassim Ahmed


The issue of food waste is a significant problem faced by many countries around the world, resulting in adverse consequences in the realms of economy, society, and politics. An annual study was conducted in the city of Kirkuk to analyze its geographical distribution at the neighborhood level and to examine the variables that impact the issue of food waste.
In his study, the researcher utilized both a descriptive approach and an analytical approach to examine the spatial relations of the population phenomenon and identify the influencing factors. Various statistical programs, such as Excel, SPSS, and ArcMap, were employed to ensure accurate results. Additionally, maps and charts were created based on these statistical packages to assess the disparities in the food waste phenomenon. The field study conducted in 2022 helped compensate for the lack of data, and the study incorporated several maps to visually represent the collected data.


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Khalil, A. I., & Jassim Ahmed, A. R. (2024). Future Expectations of Food Waste Phenomenon in Kirkuk. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 31(6), 177–199.


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