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Marwan Nouri Ismail


The research tagged with “grammatical studies in the topics of nouns from the Book of Trials by Abd al-Karim ibn Abd al-Jabbar al-Tabrizi” revolved around the footnote written by Abd al-Karim al-Tabrizi on the explanation of al-Qutb al-Razi on the interpretation of al-Kashshaf, where he mentioned al-Aqsarai’s objections to the famous commentator al-Razi, and he judged between these two imams on grammatical issues related to With names, the researcher decided to collect these issues through investigation and investigation, and he studied and researched them from the point of view of the grammatical lesson, especially in the study of names. The research came in two sections, and under each section there are demands that are appropriate to suit I

The topic in which the researcher started his research.


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Ismail, M. N. (2024). Grammatical studies in the subject of nouns from the Book of Trials by Abd al-Karim ibn Abd al-Jabbar al-Tabrizi. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 31(6), 26–58.


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