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Duha Mounir Taha
Nargis Khalaf Asaad
Hassan Ismail Khalaf


This research aims to uncover the symbols and connotations associated with a particular place. By doing so, it can enhance the communication between the reader and the text. Additionally, it sheds light on the significance of the elements involved in constructing literary and poetic texts. The ancient era is a magnet for various textual elements, serving as a central hub for exploring the artistic and aesthetic values found in literary works. To ensure accuracy and depth, it is important to follow a set of methodological steps: Initially, the research attempted to describe the place using literary language. Subsequently, it delved into the psychological aspects of the place, examining its familiarity and hostility.


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Taha, D. M., Asaad, N. K., & Khalaf, H. I. (2024). The Place among the Poets of the Elegies in Ibn Salam Al-Jumahi’s Layers of the Outstanding Poets. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 31(6), 1–13.


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