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Nawal Ahmad Elbadawy Aboalola


The aim of the research is to reveal the psychological stress of the parents of the hearing-impaired during the Corona pandemic and how to confront it according to the variable: the severity of the disability, the age stage, the educational level of the parents of the hearing-impaired. The sample consisted of (56) parents of the hearing-impaired. The results revealed that there are statistically significant differences in the response of the parents of the hearing-impaired to psychological stress, according to the severity of the disability in favor of the parents of severe disability, and in the methods of coping with stress in favor of the parents of the simple disability, as it was found that there are statistically significant differences in the response of the parents of the hearing-impaired children to psychological stress. Corona virus, according to the different age stage in favor of the parents of the hearing impaired who are young, and in the methods of coping with stress who are older, and there are statistically significant differences in the methods of coping with psychological stress the Corona virus, according to the educational level in favor of the parents of the hearing impaired, whose educational level is higher.


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Elbadawy Aboalola, N. A. (2023). The Reality of the Psychological Stress Experienced by the Parents of People with Hearing Impairment during the Corona Covid-19 Pandemic and How to Confront It from Their Point of View in Makkah Region. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 351–375.


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