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Hossam Mahmoud Sabbar


Self-awareness is one of the qualities that the personality lacks, and the development of self-awareness in the individual enables him to understand himself and the different life situations and that his emotions serve as a warning bell that directs human life to an unusual situation, the current research aims to measure the level of self-awareness and its relationship to the creative awareness among university students , and other goals that the researcher seeks to achieve through the current paper. The number of the research sample was (150) wale students. The researcher prepared a tool to detect self-awareness, as he followed the necessary steps to extract and stability and reliability coefficient using the Alpha Cronbach method reached (0,84) for the first administration, as for the second research tool, the researcher adopted the emotion creativity scale prepared by AL Jomaile (2016) as stability coefficient reached (0.86) for this tool, which is a good stability coefficient .

   After the research found the validity and reliability coefficients for the current variables, the tow scales ware applied to the current research sample, and after collecting the tow information forms, the data was treated statistical by (spps) . 


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Sabbar, H. M. (2023). Self-Awareness and its Relationship to Emotional Creativity among University Students. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 323–350.


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