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Mohsen Thalij Ahmed Sahn


Iran and Afghanistan are among the countries with regional weight and they control many of the political and security events in the region. Therefore, it is necessary to study the nature of the relationship between them and know some of its aspects. As the efforts of Iranian policy towards Afghanistan are focused on achieving several axes, including working to find a government that does not threaten its security, and the participation of the ethnicities with whom it has become culturally close to in the emerging governments, as well as the continued flow of water to Iranian territory, and Afghanistan taking a land route to cross towards Asian markets. As for Afghanistan, it seeks to build bridges of cooperation with Iran because the latter possesses means of influence in the course of regional, international and internal affairs, as well as the use of Iranian lands and ports to access global markets and get rid of Pakistan’s monopoly on this advantage. Therefore, the relationship of the two countries witnessed a remarkable development commensurate with the interests of each of them, and the relationship has also witnessed tension in some cases as a result of international influences and differing interests.


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Ahmed Sahn, M. T. (2023). Iran and Afghanistan 2002-2013: A study of Political Relations. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 279–301.


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