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Saja Qahtan Mohammed AlQubu'


The Sabe'aa Mandai'een sect represents an important part of the Iraqi texture and a prominent feature in the southern areas if Iraq. But, this sect is still marginalized in terms of the major events in the country, particularly the political scene. This sect is described as a peaceful sect as its people do not interfere in matters other than their rituals and their simple, peaceful and quiet life within their closed society. This closed society could be the reason that made them preserve their own existence and maintaining their customs, traditions and norms. The current study dealt with the most important bases that opened the door to the members of this sect to merge with the Arab Islamic society in which they lived and became an inseparable part of it in the environment in which they lived. The professions and craft of Sabe'aa provided them with an honorable life and these professions were a vital means for communication with their society that rests upon mutual interests. The protection provided by the Arab tribes, which the Sabe'aa Mandai'een people live with, enabled them to work freely and achieve innovation in their crafts and many professional goldsmiths, carpenters and steel workers were amongst these professions and crafts, although it is thought that these works are simple but they are vital parts in the process of production in general, especially in the rural communities in the marshes area south of Iraq.,


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Mohammed AlQubu’, S. Q. (2023). Professions and Crafts of Sabe’aa Mandai’een in the Ottoman Era. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 258–278.


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