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Roa'a Jamal Khader Khalaf Al-Jubouri


The goal of the present research is to identify the history of the Syrian Agricultural Bank since its inception, as well as to identify the points of strengths and weaknesses that affected the national economy in general and the agricultural in particular in this period in the history of Syria. The researcher followed the inductive approach and the historical approach in dealing with the subject that included the history of The Agricultural Bank and the features of agricultural relations under Ottoman rule and beyond until 1958 AD, which is the year of unity between Egypt and Syria, as the developments that occurred to the Agricultural Bank were presented through the laws and legislations regarding the regulation of agriculture and the agricultural bank that had a great impact on the economic and social fields before influencing Agricultural field.


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Khalaf Al-Jubouri, R. J. K. (2023). Syrian Agricultural Bank 1888-1958. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 217–233.


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