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Ayad Anasssif Jasim Mohammed Al-Mshayky


The study examines the phenomenon of dust storms and their effects on agricultural production in Samarra district, a phenomenon that received a great attention by researchers who were interested in various fields in Iraq, Arab countries and the world because of its effects on natural and human aspects. The area of study included (30". 0") north and longitude (E44. 30 "0") in the east in the central part of Iraq and the beginning of the sedimentary plain, which is located within the administrative borders of Salah al-Din Governorate, bordered to the east by Diyala Governorate, to the south of Baghdad Governorate, to the north by Kirkuk Governorate, and to the west by Anbar and Mosul Governorate. Samarra is longitudinal and extends the Tigris River in Samarra district from north to south. The area of Samarra is estimated at 1178.7 km2. (1). As for its administrative boundaries, the district of Samarra in the center of Salah al-Din is bordered on the north by the district of Tikrit, on the east by the district of al-Dawr and the district of Dhuluiyah, and on the south by the district of Balad and the district of Ishaki. This geographical and astronomical location gave Samarra's judiciary the characteristic of climate extremes, continental location and distance from Marine influences, as observed in space visuals (1). The research concluded that recent years have seen a continuous increase in dust storms. Tracking the climate characteristics of the study period (1990-2020) has seen a serious increase in the frequency of this phenomenon, which is caused by natural and human factors that have contributed to its increase in the Samarra district. The researcher recommended that methods should be intensified and developed on the roads and farms that can be exposed to these storms.


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Mohammed Al-Mshayky, A. A. J. (2023). Dust Storms and Their Impact on Agricultural Production in Samarra District. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 168–188.


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