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Najem Abdullah Ahmed Aldouri
Ali Khudair Zidan Al-Samarrai


Economic problems are among the issues that affect the lives of retirees because they are directly related to their lives. At this stage, the retiree’s income usually decreases, to refer him to retirement when he reaches the legal age, and he cannot meet many of his needs, especially if this is accompanied by the expectation that he will suffer from some health problems, and what he needs to see a doctor and buy medicines, he suffers from low income and increased financial burden, in addition to the high prices of foodstuffs, medicines and others. This is why we find that many retirees are currently suffering from poverty and destitution, due to the stability of the monthly salary and not increasing it with rising prices, exacerbating the economic problems of retirees when they are out of the labor force.The volumes of the retired population whose income ranges between (501-750 thousand dinars) per month were in the first place by (576) retirees, representing (38.7%) of the total retirees, and the volumes of the retired population working in Kirkuk governorate for the year 2020 AD (384 pensioners, at a rate of (25.8%) of the total retirees, while the number of non-working retirees for the same year reached (1106) pensioners, constituting (74.2%) of their total, and the volumes of the retired population who work due to the lack of the pension salary  (302) pensioners, constituting (78.6%) of the total pensioners working in the study area. With regard to the retired population who own housing units, their number reached (896) pensioners, representing (60%) of the total pensioners in the governorate, and the majority are in urban areas, their number reached (628) pensioners, representing (57.4%) of their total in urban areas, while the other part was in rural areas, at a rate of (268) pensioners, and at a rate of (67.7%) of their total in rural areas.


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Ahmed Aldouri, N. A., & Zidan Al-Samarrai, A. K. (2023). Geographical Analysis of the Economic Problems Facing the Retired Population in Kirkuk Governorate in 2020. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 145–167.


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