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Musa Abd Darub


The research deals with the narrative imagination, which included fantasy with its mythical, exotic, and miraculous components. The research dealt with important samples and stations from the novel The Clay Reader by Hassan Faleh, and the semantic and rhythmic recurring fragments that accompanied the title.

  The research follows the integrative approach, with a focus on the structural/semiotic approach, and the narrative techniques were studied with two sides: realistic biographical and imaginary depending on the fantasy formation and its components, formats, and implications that dealt with the events that the Jews were exposed to in Iraq, which was represented by the Farhud incident in  the 1940s sequentially with the events of the popular uprising in center and south of Iraq. The research follows the events of the novel, its plot and its space, with the leadership of the four characters (the central / hero) in weaving the threads of the narrative game, real and imagined.


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Darub, M. A. (2023). The Narrative Imaginary in The Clay Reader by Hassan Faleh . Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 122–144.


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Interview and discussion:

• An interview between the author of the research and the writer Hassan Faleh, the author of the novel The Clay Reader, in Baghdad on March 11, 2022 AD, on Friday at noon in the Shabandar Café, Al-Mutanabbi Street.