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Kamran Saad AllahAbdullah Al-Zangna


The book (Kifayat al-Talib al-Qatun bi Bada’i Awali al-Isnad al-Marfu’) by Muhammad al-Asqati (d. 1139 AH) is considered one of the important documents in the science of men, biographies, history and translations. He preserved for us the sheikhs of his father from the various sects, eighteen virtuous, two Hanafis, two Malikis, thirteen Shafi’is, and one Hanbali who certified eight of them as he knows from their biographies and memorized We have the books they wrote and the books they studied under their sheikhs, as well as the books and literature that they authorized Ahmed Al-Asqati (1159AH), the father of the compiler, and this document is considered one of the most important resources of Muhammad Khalil Al-Muradi: In his book Silk of Pearls (d. 1206 AH); Likewise, Al-Jabarti: Abd al-Rahman bin Hassan d. 1237 AH) in his book History of the wonders of antiquities in translations and news


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Al-Zangna, K. S. A. (2023). The adequacy of the contented student with Bada’i Awali, the attributed chain of transmission Muhammad bin Ahmed bin Omar bin Muhammad Abu Al-Saud Al-Isqati Al-Hanafi (d. 1139 AH) study and investigation. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 42–72.


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