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Khaled Hamada Saleh Al- Jubouri
Wasnaa Younis Abdullah Mustafa Al-Obaidi


Imam Ubaid Allah bin Abdul Karim, known as Abu Zara’ Al-Razi (may Allah have mercy on him), was born in the year (200 AH), and he died in the year (264 AH). He was ascetic, jurist, pious, worshiping, and humble. People of his time praised him for his memorization and piety, and attested to him being ahead of his peers.

    This shows his words in the narration, his critical sayings in al-jarh and al-tadeel, and the method he followed, which did not differ from the path followed by the nation's scholars of Jarh and Tadheel, and his moderation in the words he mentioned and which were studied in this research.

 If there was a hadith which may contain a defect, Abu Zara’a has an opinion on it. The book of Abu Hatim’s defect is rich in his sayings, and the scholars al- jarh and al-tadadeel do not dispense with citing his sayings. His virtues are more than can be counted, and in his compilations no one can be compared to him, and after all that we have not received anything from his books except what Ibn Abi Hatim and others preserved for us.


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Saleh Al- Jubouri, K. H., & Mustafa Al-Obaidi, W. Y. A. (2023). The Narrators whom Imam Abu Zara’ al-Razi Described as Being Truthful Coupled with Other Words of al-Jarh and al-Ta’deel: . Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(2, 1), 1–19.


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