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Mohamed Majid Hammad Shehab
Nasiba Abdulaziz Abdullah


In mid-March 2011, Syria witnessed popular protests that were affected by the events that preceded them in Tunisia and Egypt, which paved the way for popular discontent in Syria with the political, economic and social conditions that the country is going through. Demonstrations took place in several Syrian cities to demand freedom and real reforms, then the ceiling of demands gradually increased until it reached the demand for the overthrow of the regime of Prime Minister Bashar al-Assad, with the expansion and escalation of protests. The excessive complexity of the situation led to a violent armed confrontation between the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition. Which led to the transition of the Syrian issue from an internal crisis between the government and the people to a complex regional and international crisis.


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Hammad Shehab, M. M., & Abdullah, N. A. (2023). The Syrian crisis and its internal causes. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 30(1, 2), 188–199.


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