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Rehab Mohamed Farag


The Arab heritage must be studied because it is the basis of studies and one of the basic foundations for the permanence of language and life, and ancient Arabic poetry has preserved it in its various types in order to enrich the language and its impact on cognitive integration and reverse this impact on the recipient, hence our research (Heritage and its impact on pre-Islamic poetry - significance  And knowledge) to shed light on the most important foundations of language, and included axes, including: heritage language and idiomatically, the impact of heritage in myths, historical heritage, literary heritage, the impact of language on the formation of heritage, and studying its impact on poetic image and music. The importance of research came through the importance of heritage because it is one of the aspects  Cognitive integration, which cannot be overlooked, and because it is one of the important knowledge sources from which poets drew their resources and components of their poetry


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Farag, R. M. (2022). Heritage and Its Impact on Pre-lsiamic Poetry,Meaning and Knowledge. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 29(1, 1), 277–295.


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