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Ahlam Abid Fayadh


Movies are believed to be one of the currant age’s main ways for treating certain ideologies, i.e. for promoting and naturalizing certain ideas and beliefs to the public. They are considered as a main source for sharing ideological messages, sometimes implicitly and others explicitly. Further, the artistic and the creative nature of film discourses contribute in increasing the chances of achieving those specific ideological goals. Atheism in The invention of Lying movie is one kind of this issue. This American movie defines itself as a romantic comedy film, yet it gives a good deal of attention to the issue of atheism implicitly. Therefore, this study aims to uncover the hidden messages of atheism in the selected movie and highlight the linguistic means employed for naturalizing and advancing such an ideology.


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Fayadh, A. A. (2022). A Critical Discourse Analysis of Atheism in “The Invention of Lying” American Movie. Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, 29(12, 2), 64–83.


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